Forest Bathing: A Collection

Echoes of Bliss

No wonder Echoes of Bliss has won Global Music Awards in both the Best Album and Production categories. Simply said, this music is heavenly. Without pomp, it brings a smile. Stress effortlessly melts away as you blend with the music and find your place of serenity.

Forest Bathing is an ancient Japanese tradition known as shinrin-yoku—the medicine of relaxing in a forest. Approached with presence, great restorative healing value for the mind and body can be induced, including lower blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety and a stronger immune system. This music collection has been specifically curated for its compatibility with the cleansing resonance of trees and may be used at any time for relaxation and to simulate forest healing.

Please enjoy "Morning Embrace" from the album 'Morning Embrace"



Close your eyes , softly say the title accompanied by a deep breath, and the wondrous feeling of letting go will say more about this gorgeous album than a description ever could. Deepen the experience of a unique and sublime life as you relax into Breathe, Borden’s second album after the award-winning Echoes of Bliss.